From design to maintenance, A.I.M.E. offers complete automation solutions to a range of different industrial sectors: from gas to logistics, from the food industry to decorative glazing.

The common denominators of each project are quality, advanced technology, and all-round professionalism.



Customized solutions for testing and maintenance of high and low pressure gas cylinders

Testing and maintenance of cylinders at high and low pressure is the most important sector in which A.I.M.E. has confirmed its professionalism and competence, with years of experience working with top Italian companies in the field to guarantee absolute safety for gas cylinder users.

Composed of various automatic components for each testing stage, from internal shot blasting to the hydraulic test, plus ancillary devices such as the valve screwing-unscrewing unit or the outside brushing unit, the systems produced by A.I.M.E. are equipped with components for interconnection and automatic control of various processes, namely in-process monitoring for cylinder traceability and the possibility of selecting the most suitable testing phases (and associated methods) for each cylinder.

Each plant can be designed in accordance with the customer's specific production requirements, the structural characteristics of the building in which to install the plant, and the various types of gas cylinder to be processed: at high or low pressure, for LPG or natural gas, made of steel, aluminium or composite material.


Customized solutions for automated warehouse

Customized warehouse for automated storage. Realized with advanced technology, all of our warehouses can be personalised and configured on the basis of different customer needs: different type of materials to be stored, suited handling systems, level of automation needed, integration with existing production lines.


Customized solutions for automatic welding

Over the past ten years A.I.M.E. has specialised in designing and developing robotic plant lines for assembly, coupling and automatic welding of metal frames.

The design phase starts with a study of the object to be welded, in order to create a welding line that is precisely tailored but simultaneously able to guarantee a high level of versatility in accordance with the characteristics of the object in question. This is a key strength of the resulting plant, because it makes it possible to automate processes also when handling non-standardized in products that are unlikely to be manufactured in series.


Customized solutions for handling and transporting motorcycles and cars

Thanks to collaboration with top companies in the logistics and automotive sectors, A.I.M.E. has developed complete projects for the creation of solutions for transporting and handling cars and motorcycles.

The design of these systems is based mainly on the study of each characteristic component of the car or motorcycle to be shipped, to guarantee perfect assembly of the various components and accessories in a manner that is simple, practical, and above all, safe.

Customizable bespoke lines can also be designed and constructed in parallel to handle high volume series production.


Customized solutions for ham processing

Pressers for ham processing are among the top food industry solutions designed and built by A.I.M.E.

Based on demands from customers and their production requirements, we have developed complete automatic presser lines that can be constructed in different sizes in terms of the number of moulds, also incorporating different mould types on the same presser.


Other solutions in various industrial sectors