Automated warehouse for 50.000 boiler

The automated warehouse for boilers consists of a series of automatic machines and devices, tended by specific automatisms equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, which guarantee sequential and automatic operation of the entire plant. It has a modular structure that allows to expand both the total stacking capacity and the boiler feed and exit output. The handling system is composed of overhead conveyors, stacker cranes and special conveyors with cells which  allows to optimize the space in the warehouse and makes loading/unloading operations faster

Magazzino automatico per 50.000 boiler

Automated warehouse under construction


Automated warehouse for 40.000 cylinders

A.I.M.E. designs automated warehouse solutions to meet a wide range of storage and accumulation requirements in accordance with the size of the plant and the quantity of gas cylinders to be stored. The photo shows a storage system for 40,000 automotive CNG cylinders. Composed of a steel load-bearing structure, the system is divided into various tiers to guarantee placing and picking of tested and untested cylinders. Operators reach the different warehouse floors using stairs located at the two main access points. The automated warehouse can be easily incorporated in a testing plant or employed in a standalone solution.

Magazzino automatico per 40.000 bombole